Why become a member?

The Bright Festival MEMBERSHIP grants you exclusive access to special promotions and benefits for all Bright Festival events.

You will receive the NFT MEMBERSHIP CARD on your digital wallet and you will be able to claim promotions and benefits directly from our brand new digital platform.

As a member, you will get VIP invitations, discount codes for events and merchandise, digital works signed by our artists, and many other exclusive benefits!

How can I get my NFT Membership?

You can get it in just 4 steps (or 180 seconds):

  • Create your digital wallet by following our instructions
  • Purchase your NFT MEMBERSHIP with your credit card and provide the public address of your wallet
  • Wait for the NFT transfer confirmation email
  • Connect your wallet to the digital platform to claim your benefits

All benefits will be claimable from your Web3 Profile in a few seconds.

Watch these videos to learn how to open your wallet, get your membership card and claim your prizes.

What benefit will I get in the upcoming event?

The first benefit you will be able to claim as a new member will be a VIP access to our Bright Festival Connect event:

  • No time slot limitations on Regular tickets
  • Priority check-in at the Night events
  • Bright Festival VIP wristband
  • Access to the VIP area (viewing terrace)
  • Discounts on Bright Festival merchandise

In addition, by keeping your NFT in the future you will be connected with the Bright Festival team and receive event previews, pre-emption to purchase Early Bird tickets, and invitations to participate in our regular raffles.

Please note, the 'Membership card' does not replace the ticket and must be presented at the entrance together with the ticket.

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